20 April 2014

Lovely Easter Long Weekend

I really love spending the long weekend with my little girl but it's so much better when DH is home to be with us during the same weekend!! I normally try to maximise the time that we can spend together as a whole family especially when he's home as the time is so precious. I must admit that having a DH that works away is very hard but you just got to learn to manage and deal with it. It's not easy but it always makes you treasure every single moment even more.

We had a really lovely day yesterday even though our outings were all very impromptu. We started the day with a little bit of shopping. I personally think she had more fun than us!!! She insisted on carrying one of the shopping bags, although I must say, she should carried it since it was her pair of shoes!! LOL

She really enjoyed walking around the shopping centre. She was even stopping and pausing at the shops, literally doing window shopping!! Starting them young eh?? :P

We also stopped at Myer's children department for a short while and I love it that they have a little table and chairs, with papers and crayons!! Sabina was really enjoying herself and seems like she loves to draw too!! Looks like it's about time I should get a small table and chair for her!! Does anyone have any recommendations?

Finally, we ended our fun filled day with a ride on the swings :)

The weather at the moment is absolutely beautiful. I'm looking to many more beautiful days like this :)

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  1. I fogot you had your hair cut, it looks great!! Sabina is so clever to be walking, carrying her bag and window shopping. New shoes, she's a girl after her mother's heart. A few of my friends are, or have in the past been, parenting while the other half works away. One for a really long time, almost twenty years. It works if you make it work, and I can see you are all having so much fun. I am not sure who likes the drawing best though!!!!