05 May 2014

Hello, I'm Peppa Pig!!

Did I mentioned to you before that "Peppa" was one of Sabina's first few spoken words? Everyday at 5 pm I would switched on the ABC for Kids channel on TV for her, so that I can prepare and cook dinner without having her clinging onto me like a little koala bear. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. But I do notice that she tends to like Peppa Pig. One day, when the Peppa Pig programs started, she shouted, "Peppa"!!! I was soooooooooooooooo amazed and of course a little bit jealous at the same time too because she hasn't said the word "Mummy" yet!!

Anyway, I think that's when I started buying Peppa Pig items/merchandise for her. Her very first item was a Peppa Pig handphone. That was a very impromptu purchase actually. We were shopping for nappies at Big W when I saw the handphone. It was a big mistake when I showed it to her. That's because, she wouldn't give it back to me!!! Therefore, I had no choice but to buy it!! HAHA!!

Second Peppa Pig purchase was again made at Big W but I initially wanted to get her a Peppa Pig jacket but the smallest size they have available was a size 2 and it was way too big for her. I was a little bit disappointed because I did drove all the way there and didn't want to leave empty handed. Therefore, I decided to check out the books department to see if there's anything suitable to add to her little library. Lo and behold, Peppa Pig books on sale for just $8 each!! I showed Sabina the book and asked her "Who's this?" and she answered "Peppa!!" What a smart cookie. 2 books ended up in my shopping trolley and we were happy.

3 weeks ago, there was a "Peppa Pig" appearance at Target and of course, I took Sabina there so that she can have a photo with her favourite character!! She was so happy when she saw the Peppa Pig mascot from a distance. However, when it was our turn to take a photo, she cried!!! LOL

Anyway, my sister asked me the other day if Sabina likes Peppa Pig more or I like Peppa Pig more. Erm...I think I might have a slight obsession with Peppa Pig now??

Lastly, I know this is a little bit late but I hope all of you have had a nice Easter break. I still haven't eaten our Easter eggs yet, I meant Sabina's Easter eggs :P

PS: Did you notice the bucket is a Peppa Pig bucket? LOL

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  1. I love the photos of Sabina and the eggs, it took a little while for her to be happy and I hope you don't eat them all. My friend's toddler loves Peppa Pig too. There was a book with a hand puppet attached, big enough for a whole adult hand. Poor Sabina, she must have been overcome with Peppa excitement. I love the expression on your face too!!!