12 April 2014


Sabina has a thing for doors. Everywhere she goes in the house, if she comes across a door, she must close it, without fail.

It is sort of our little morning routine now, where she will play peekaboo with me. I'll be getting ready in the bathroom and she will close the door. If after awhile, I still don't open the door, she will shout for me, as if saying "Hey Mum, open the door!!"

And when I do open the doors, this is the cheeky face that will greet me :)

After smiling at me, she will quickly close the door again. And this goes on and on and on until I get out of the bathroom.

Isn't she cute!!! I just can't get enough of her and I just want to kiss her all the time!!! There are times I wonder if I'm being a little bit too crazy in love her!! I'm a crazy Mummy!!

1 comment:

  1. That is such a very good game to play and she is definitely a cheeky devil!!!