07 April 2014

Coco is Recovering Well

It has been a few days since Coco had her surgery to remove the bladder stones. I'm so glad that she is recovering very well and is back to her usual self. Didn't even lose her appetite at all!! Well, she never really ever say no to food actually, apart from raw veggie.

As mentioned previously, they managed to take out all the stones in her bladder and the vet sent some off to the laboratory to do some testing, in order to determine what type of stones they are. That way, we can then plan what's the best preventive measures we can take so that the stones will not reoccur again. Well, good news is we got the results today and the stones are struvite stones.

Now that we managed to identify the type of stones, next step is to put her on a special diet. For the rest of her life, she will need to be on a special diet because of her condition and for the time being, the most suitable for her is the w/d Canine Low Fat-Glucose Management-Gastrointestinal Hills Prescription Diet. Haha yes....low fat diet, because she's a little overweight too!!! 9.6 kg!!! Almost one sack of rice!!!

Anyway, it's so good to have her home as she's always by my side, my little faithful companion. She follows me everywhere I go, just like a little shadow :)

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  1. Oh I am so glad Coco is recovering so well. They look so little and pathetic when they are all shaven and bare. Good news about the special diet, and I know all about dogs being on a diet!! I can also highly recommend the Cloud collar instead of a cone of shame. Even Peri liked it and Gilly wore it for fun.
    Our animal companions, what would we do without them???