30 March 2014

Stressful Week

It has been a stressful week but I'm just glad that it's getting better. Poor little Sabina was getting feverish last Wednesday and started coughing a little too. She didn't look very well yesterday morning and was very unsettled. Even though we had already seen our GP on Wednesday and Friday, you can't help feeling worried and stressful. I had to take her to the Princess Margaret Hospital for Children just to get her checked out.

I must have seem really worried or even shaking a little because when the Triage Nurse was taking down our details, she kept telling, "slow down and clam down, you're little girl is okay". We didn't really have to wait that long to be seen by a Doctor but we did spent a long and exhausting 6 hours at the hospital because we needed to get a pee sample from the little one, and somehow, on that particular day, she decided that she didn't want to pee nor drink much fluids!! In the end, we had no choice but to use a catheter instead. Poor little bubba, I felt so bad putting her through that but at least we know, she didn't get any UTI. Therefore, the conclusion was she must have caught a viral infection. There isn't really much I can do and the Doctor said she will not need any medication. Only thing I can give her are just Panadol or Nurofen. I seriously feel very helpless at times.

I was a little relieved when she did gave me a smile and drank more water last night just before her bedtime.

She was a lot better today too although she wasn't that keen on breakfast. Towards the afternoon, she was happy to snack on some rice crackers and even played with some toys. Hopefully, she's on the mend to a speedy recovery.

Lots of hugs, cuddles and kisses to my baby!! Get well soon little girl!!! Mummy loves you a lot!!!

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  1. Oh that must have been so frightening, and it is easy for them to be calm, not so easy for you. You can't be too careful, and I am glad she is starting to feel better and I hope you are too.