09 March 2014

Labour Day Long Weekend - Part II

Before the start of the long weekend, my friend and I decided to plan an outing for our little ones. So we took them to the Cuddly Animal Farm in Swan Valley and the kids had a blast!!! I love the opportunity of being able to introduce Sabina to the little furry animals like guinea pigs, rabbits, etc.

Since Sabina grew up with two doggies from Day 1, I assumed that she will be excited to see these cute little animals.So first thing we did was bring her to the guinea pigs and rabbits area where we can actually feed them with carrots and cabbages, touch, pat and play with them. Erm...I was wrong. She was actually a little bit scared and wouldn't want to be near them at all. We tried to stay there for awhile and maybe let her warm up to the animals. It didn't work. Oh well.

After that, we let the little ones walk around and they absolutely love it. There's goats, pigs, emus, cows, and many other animals but they seem to be interested in the gravel road? Haha.

As the morning was getting warmer, we found a perfect spot under a shady tree and had a lovely picnic. The little ones had so much fun running around, chasing one another. It was an absolute joy seeing them having such a great time.

I highly recommend this place if you have little ones. I would definitely bring Sabina back one day and hopefully by then, she will not be afraid of the guinea pigs and rabbits any more :)

Lastly, I find it so hard to take a decent photo with Sabina lately!! She's so active and cheeky!!!


  1. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! The Cuddly Animal farm is great, I have taken my class there on excursion before and they had a great time. It's funny how many young kids are scared of the cute small little animals like rabbits. I think you are right, lots of exposure and she will come around.

    1. Hi Megan,

      Thanks for dropping by as well!! I love to read blogs from my local area, if I can find them!! :) I took my daughter to a friend's house the other day and she had a guinea pig. My daughter was still a bit nervous about the guinea pig and she did managed to go near it, but won't touch it at all. Definitely need more exposure!!

    2. Oh, toddlers are like cats, who always like the box better than the present. The gravel must have been of such a high standard!! I am sure she will love the furry animals when she is a little older!!!