26 March 2014

Having Fun at the Playground

There is one thing that I do love about the summer and it's the long days. Long days for me means I get to do more things in the evening before it gets dark, for example. taking my little girl to the playground!! I am still currently enjoying our new home (well, technically we've moved in for about 15 months now) and one thing that I look forward to in the evenings are taking Sabina out for a walk around our neighbourhood.

I took her to the playground for the very first time back in January and it was a good 30 minutes walk (Good exercise for Mummy since I hardly do any)!! Initially I was a little apprehensive as I don't know what to expect and whether she will like it or not. I decided to put her on the swing and she absolutely loved it!!! She really enjoyed swinging backwards and forwards while I was making silly sounds to her like "wheeeeeeee" every time she swings forwards.

After awhile, I put her down on the sand and brought out her beach toys. I even took off her shoes so that she can feel the sand in between the toes. I showed her how to use the little spade to scoop up the sand and pour it into the bucket. She tried to scoop up some sand but with not much success. In the end, she sort of gave up because she was more interested and fascinated in playing with the sand using her bare hands. I think she loves the way the sand trickles through her fingers.

All in all, both of us had such a lovely evening. I just love seeing her happy smile while exploring new things. By the way, it wasn't just her who was playing in the playground!! I myself was playing with my new toy the whole time!!

Yeap, I got myself a DSLR during the Boxing Day sales last year. I'm still learning how to use it and the photos above are taken using my new camera. They were the first photos too!! I reckon they're not too bad!!!

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  1. I can tell Sabina loves the swing!! What great fun you have together. Hmm, maybe it's not the beach for her without the waves!!! Your new camera takes great photos of a beautiful subject.