27 March 2014

Ballet Flats Shopping Haul

Those of you who know me well, are aware that I have a weakness for shoes. I used to love heels a lot!!! But of course, lifestyle do change when you have a kid. I haven't wore my heels much since Sabina was born. They are all sitting prettily in a cupboard, waiting to be worn. I tried wearing them again to work but somehow, I don't find them as comfortable as they used to be!!! :(

I only have a few pairs of flats and I literally wore them to death as they are my go-to-shoes every single day when I'm out an about now. Therefore, you can imagine why I went just a little bit crazy today. They were on sale and I got them at a really good price. Can't resist!!

Here are some close-up photos of them. They're so pretty and comfortable!!! I do wish they have the kids design in adults sizes!!!

However, do note that only two pairs are for myself. The other two pairs are for my little girl when she's a little bit more grown up :)

1 comment:

  1. I do remember all your high, high heels and your love of shoes. Isn't it funny how things change? High heels were no good in the classroom or on duty on the oval, but now I compromise with low to medium heels, but I love your shoes, and the little ones for Sabin are sooo cute!!!