22 February 2014

Rolling All Around In The Deep Blue Sea

Rolling all around in the deep blue sea,
Roll, roll, roll, roll, roll around with me.

I think that's how the baby rhyme goes. It is just one of the baby rhymes that I sing almost every week during my daughter's swimming lessons. Of course, I am not alone in singing in these rhymes. There are other mothers, fathers, grandfathers, etc. But most important, all the kids hare having fun, well, except that there's always one kid who are a little bit more afraid of the water compared to the others.

I have been taking my daughter to swimming lessons when she just turned 3 months old. I was so glad that friend told me about these swimming classes. Who would have thought that there's classes for babies that young? As I was born and grew up in Malaysia, I remembered I was only about 5 years old when I went for my first lesson!! And I was terrified!!!

I have heard before that babies love water because it reminds them of their time back in the womb. I didn't really know what to expect when we took our daughter for her very first lesson. It was done in an indoor heated pool in our local community aquatic centre.

As you can see from her expressions above, she absolutely love it and had so much fun!! We've been taking her for swimming lesson every week during the school term since then, whether it's summer, autumn, winter or spring. Now, she's learned to splash water on her own, kicked her legs in the water, and even go under the water for a few seconds!!

My husband took a video of her going under the water last week. For the first time, I can see her facial expressions clearly when she's in the water. How amazing is technology nowadays!!! I love how she's blowing bubbles when she's under the water. She's such a cutie pie and always melts my heart. However, I must admit that I did put her under the water a just a tiny bit longer than usual because I my husband was recording it. Poor little darling drank a little water and came up coughing a little. Oooops. Bad mummy and daddy.

Since Australia is one of the strongest swimming nations in the world, maybe one day, she might represent Australia in swimming???!!! Now that's wishful thinking :)


  1. She is having such a wonderful time in the pool, I love her expression in the first photo!!
    Yes, learning to swim is so important, we had lessons when I was about six, but we went to the beach a lot!!

    1. Dear Cindy,

      I think she's a water baby :) She thoroughly enjoyed her very first swimming lesson as you can tell from that first photo!!