27 February 2014

Love Our Mornings

I always look forward to the mornings on days that I'm not working. That's because it means I get to spend my mornings with my little girl and I love every single minute of it, even though she would wake up at 5 am on most mornings. No more sleeping in for this Mummy!!! Gosh I really miss them LOL.

Normally I would try to put her back to sleep after breastfeeding her if she wakes up before 7 am. If I'm lucky, she will goes back to sleep and maybe wake up after 8 am :) I will then definitely considered that a sleep in!! Woo hoo!!

I like to take my mornings on the slow side and not do too much. We will have our breakfast together and after that, we will do some bonding time like read some books or play with some toys. Sometimes, we might not even do any of that but just enjoyed being silly in front of the phone camera.

What are your mornings like?


  1. Is she not the cutest baby ever?? I love the way she hides her face behind her hand. It sounds like a lovely way to spend the morning. We get up and go for a walk before I can think about how early 7-45am is. Then, after breakfast and some email checking we often go back to bed for a nap. Sunday is our one sleeping in day!!! A cup of tea and reading the paper in bed.

    1. Hi Cindy!! I may be bias but I do think she's the cutest baby ever!! HAHA. Sabina loves playing peekaboo, that's why she was covering her face with her hand!! :)