19 February 2014

Feeling Like A Sick Cow

Yeap, you read that right. I was feeling like a sick cow the last few days. Sunday was definitely the worst day of all. I woke up with whole body ache, shivering and my left boob was engorged, hard, red, hot and painful!!! I was in agony.

First thing that popped into my mind was "mastitis". I've never had it before but I've heard from my friends that the symptoms are similar to flu. Oh dear...Luckily my DH was coming home that day and took me straight to the doctor, who confirmed that I was having mastitis. Ugh...antibiotics to the rescue!!

Let me tell you straight. Mastitis definitely feels a lot worst than the common flu. Mothers who breastfeed their children, I really admire all of you. I think I deserve a pat on my back as well too. My breastfeeding journey wasn't an easy one at all. In fact, it started out terribly and went downhill the first month itself. There were lots of pain, tears and blood. However, if you asked me again, I am willing to go through it all because I want to give the best I can give to my dearest daughter. She absolutely means the world to me.

I'm feeling much better now and I think the blocked milk ducts are almost cleared. On a lighter note, here's a video that I came across recently, and I absolutely loved it. It kinda sums up how we (breastfeeding mothers) feel sometimes when we're breastfeeding our child in public because occasionally, we do get the dirty looks and muttered comments of disapproval from the public unfortunately.


  1. Agh! I hope you feel better already. I've never had it, but I've heard from lots of friends that mastitis is the WORST!

    1. Dear ruthplustwo,

      I'm feeling a lot better now, thanks!! I was well enough to go back to work last Friday too!! I'm just going to finish up my antibiotics and I really hope that I will never ever get it again!! It's terrible!!